1939: Small Echoes of Big Fashion Trends


Butterick Fashion News, March 1939

Jessica Hartman Jaeger Collection | VintageStitches.com


BUTTERICK 8278.   Juniors! Here's your dress in swingtime, the same silhouette as the swing dresses on pages 5 and 9. Adjust the fulness with the belt. Size 12, 3⅜ yards 39 inch spun rayon. Sizes 6 to 15; 24 to 33 breast. 25 Cents.

   Front lacings are a focus point of interest on this little girl's dress with princess lines and inverted pleats front and back. Size 5, 2 yards 39 inch printed rayon. Sizes 4 to 10; 23 to 28 breast. Price, 25 Cents.

   This dirndl-type coat that zips from neckline to hem will occupy an important place in the fashion spotlight. Size 8, 1⅞ yards 54 inch wool. Hat included. Sizes 2 to 12; 21 to 30 breast. Price, 25 Cents.


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