The Inside Story

 . . . of a Sears Made-To-Order Suit.

Sears Made to Order Clothes for Men and Young Men, Spring & Summer 1941

Jessica Hartman Jaeger Collection |

1. Lapels - Hundreds of stitches are worked in to give the lapels their smooth and even roll.

2. Edge Stay - Carefully pre-shrunk. Gives coat edge an even, smooth appearance, prevents sagging. 

3. Hair Cloth Stay - Fastened above the edge of the hair cloth. Prevents hair from working through lapels.

4. Hairvas Hair Cloth - Pre-shrunk. This gives our coat shape-retaining quality.

5. Button Stay - Buttons are securely fastened to this stay by hand with linen thread.

6. Linen Canvas - Pre-shrunk; molded to conform to the lines of your body. That's why our coats set so well.

7. Collar - Reinforced with a well-shaped undercollar containing hundreds of hidden stitches.

8. Shoulder Pad - Placed to give the shoulder of our coats that even, natural and well-tailored appearance.

9. Felt Armhole Pad - Gives our coats a foundation around the arm-hole and prevents breaking.

10. Pocket Stay - Holds pocket permanently in place and prevents it from sagging or pulling.

11. Seams - All seams neatly trimmed, evenly sewed and carefully tested. Expert workmanship in every one.

12. Pockets - All pockets are of good quality material and are especially reinforced.

This is pretty much the "inside story" of any well made and high quality, traditionally tailored suit coat. 


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